Customs services

While transporting all over the world, we also have to offer customs services.
We offer a wide range of services in relation to customs, namely:

The Customs Formalities

We are able to process customs formalities for loads to and from third countries, as well as to manage the Transit loads or loads in the frame work of intra-community transports.
In combination with the existence and the provision of the underlying premises of the customs, we offer all services that are in connection to our clients' obligations to the customs authorities, concerning the goods that they are transporting.

Custom Clearance

The experienced - professional customs agents, who are our partners, are able to issue with a particular willingness on behalf of our clients, the customs documents EUR1, T1, T2, the export declarations and also to carry out the customs clearance of the imports.

Authorized Recipient

We receive the goods directly from the authorized customs premises without the vehicle previously coming to the customs office, by doing this, we avoid any delays.
We are in constant communication with the office through information technology systems.

Temporary Deposition

Our clients have the ability to temporarily store, for a time period of fifteen days, without having to pay fees and taxes, any goods that will arrive to Thessaloniki, in order

  • To be re-exported
  • To be placed in a warehouse
  • To be passed by customs

In this time, high storage expenses in public custom areas will be avoided.

Custom’s Storage Warehouses

The custom’s storage warehouse permit, which we have, gives the ability to our clients to not pay the fees and taxes for the time period that their goods remain in our storage space.

Customs services