The company ILIADIS TRANSPORTS SA was established in the year 1998.

The company is a product of the merger of three individual road transportation enterprises, of Ioannis Iliadis, of Georgios Iliadis and of Ilias Iliadis, for whom, the activity of these people continued.

The initial activity is due to Ioannis Iliadis, who has been a transporter since the year 1952, while today, is the president of ILIADIS TRANSPORTS SA.

The Chief Executive Officer is Georgios Iliadis, who is very active in representing the industry, as the president of the logistics association, of the Association of Transport Enterprises, the Chairman of the Chambers of the Transport Association and the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki.

A member of the Board of Directors is Ilias Iliadis, the vice president of the Panhellenic Federation of Transport and of the General Confederation.