The privately owned land installations of 28 acres, are located within 3.5 kilometers from the commercial port of Thessaloniki.

Furthermore, the company has a long term lease from the Port Authority of Thessaloniki of a court that is in contact with the installations of the port of Thessaloniki.

The company owns 15 vehicles for public use (elevators) and 45 semi-trailers for containers and cargo transportations.

It collaborates with numerous transporters on a permanent level in order to be able service any kind of transportation need.
The company owns a sufficient number of lifting equipment for loading and unloading containers and cargo, with load capacities from 2.5 up to 42 tons.

The operation of the company is fully computerized on all levels with the support of specific programs to store containers, goods, accounting and management of the vehicles, all vehicles have a satellite system to locate their position.